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NP. Cynthia Zurawski

Family Nurse Practitioner. Obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Olivet Nazarene University and a Master’s of Science in Nursing at Governor State University. She was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago. At home, she enjoys spending her free time with her loving husband and high school sweetheart, and her three active children. Personally, she enjoys a challenge, solving puzzles, or trying to mimic a favorite recipe. Most of the time, you will find her enjoying the sunshine while gardening, or taking on a “Do It Yourself” project.

Early in Cynthia’s career, she worked for a leading residential treatment center in the south suburbs. She treated patients that suffered from addiction, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, and mental health diagnoses. She has researched ways to use effective communication to improve patient’s comfort, and detecting the early signs of crises.

Cynthia then took on a new area in health care at Loyola University Medical Center caring for postsurgical and organ transplant patients. While working there she participated in research studies devoted to measuring patient health outcomes, in direct correlation to patient volume and acuity levels.

Before Cynthia started her career in pain management, she worked with a community based healthcare center; Aunt Martha’s. She provided quality care to patient’s that were uninsured. She also has had the opportunity to work independently, caring for several high profile and celebrity patients. This has allowed her to be diverse, and participate in caring for patients across the entire spectrum of financial statuses.

Cynthia is now able to combine her experience and medical technique to develop a plan for patients that suffer from pain due to recent injury, or a serious medical illness. Her philosophy to managing pain is simple, together she will help you find the most conservative form of treatment possible, manage new symptoms as they occur, and make adjustments to change her patient’s lives. Cynthia’s greatest joy of being a Nurse Practitioner is being able to make a noticeable difference, both physically and emotionally for each patient she sees. Her enthusiasm to provide patients with respect and dignity starts in the office and extends to the patient’s quality of life at home.

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