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In order to help you arrive well prepared for your office visit atIntegrated Pain Management, we have posted necessary office forms here for you to print out and complete prior to your visit. If you are unable to print the forms, simply arrive a few minutes early to your visit; we will have these forms available in the office for you.


LIFE CHANGING! (31 yr old Female/Migraines for 16 yrs now) I had a horrible migraine and they were able to get me in SAME DAY for treatment that took my migraine away almost immediately! I have had to wait days or weeks even for appointments with other Doctors (with no resolution to my chronic headaches might I add) but these people truly understand how miserable and debilitating a migraine is and treated me like family. I had heard about Headache Injections in the past but didn't realize they were available in Chicago-and covered by my insurance! I was also happy to hear the injection did not involve needles (although if you suffer from Migraines you will try just about anything) it was just a quick spray up both my nostrils, I couldn't believe that was it. I stood up grabbed my purse and before I got to the end of the hallway the pressure and pain above my eyes and in the back of my head was GONE! I had been sick and miserable and suffering for hours and just like that I felt back to normal and could actually get on with my day. I have now scheduled several appointments in advance to weaken symptoms and frequency of my migraines- I am thrilled!

Lindsay Bodali

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