Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy encompasses a wide range of techniques and technologies, from gentle thermal and electrical stimulation of body tissues to range of motion exercises, resistive strength training, and postural education and guidance.

Physical therapy is an extremely effective form of recuperative treatment for many types of diseases and disorders as a body that has been thrown off kilter by an ailment frequently needs to be ‘re-educated’ into maintaining its proper alignment.

Your Treatment Plan

At Integrated Pain Management we will design a program of wellness that fits your individual needs. Your doctor will strive to know you as well as possible through conversation, relevant history and detailed examination. In caring for your specific needs, your doctor will create an integrated pain management program that is just right for you.

Your Pain Management Program may include any or several of the treatment options discussed on the right. Click to learn more about each. If you have questions about any of the treatments listed, please call us to schedule an appointment. A thorough exam allowing plenty of time for your questions will be scheduled.

Integrated Pain Management

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