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    Headache treatment

    Dealing with Migraines? Consult a Doctor Specialist Now!

    Are you dealing with migraine or know someone who is? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. We are a licensed clinic providing comprehensive migraine care to eliminate the pain and put you back to your normal life. Migraines can be disrupting because you cannot handle your daily activities. This is why we have specialized in providing migraine care help patients out of this misery.

    What We Do

    image_05Our main focus is to first confirm whether you have migraine attacks prior to the commencement of the treatment. We will review the current treatment you are following and suggest other alternative methods that we can use to manage your migraine attacks.We work with experts in different methods of dealing with migraine pain and your case will be handled by the most appropriate medical practitioner according to your condition. We deal with different types of problems including children migraines, headaches and migraines.

    Do You Need a Migraine Clinic?

    If you have headaches that you suspect to be migraines, it is important to see a specialist in migraines. This is only possible in a clinic where the main focus is migraine attacks. If you have migraines that are not responding to treatment by a general practitioner, you will be referred to our clinic where more tests will be conducted to find out where there are any underlying causes of pain and an ideal treatment method will be recommended.Reasons you need to come to our clinic is when there is a doubt in the migraine diagnosis, when there is a rare migraine condition, if there are other headaches that might complicate diagnosis and treatment, if the current treatment is not working, and if your attacks are getting worse.

    Fast Diagnosis and Treatment

    We understand that there are long lists in migraine clinics but this is not the case at our clinic. We pay special attention to our patients and ensure that no one wants more than they need to. Migraines can cause a lot of pain and stress and this is why we have put all the necessary measures in place to ensure that our patients are taken through the diagnosis process and treatment started as fast as possible. As much as we would like to provide the best migraine care, we pay attention to the smallest of details to make sure that the diagnosis is correct and the treatment takes the right direction.

    The First Clinic Visit

    apprequestPrior to attending a migraine clinic it is recommended that you keep a migraine attack diary. This diary is an important element in assisting the doctor to make a clear diagnosis and understand your experience.The diary is important because there is no scientific way to diagnose migraines and the diagnosis process will greatly depend on your description and experience.

    You will also be required to provide information on the types of medications you have been using to relieve the pain.This information should include all the treatments you have used in the past to relieve pain including complementary treatment and herbal remedies.

    The First Appointment

    Your first visit to out migraine clinic will take a longer period than what you usually spend with your doctor.The clinic doctors will need your medical history and evaluate your medical condition and any other information that will help in the diagnosis.There might be a physical examination to determine where there other underlying factors behind the migraine attacks. You will have a chance to ask questions about your condition and this will help in reducing your worries.

    Migraine Treatment

    After the diagnosis process, the treatment will begin. Because of migraines have a complex nature; there is no treatment method that works for all cases. Patients are different and so are their conditions, frequency of attacks and triggers.After the clinical diagnosis, the doctor will be in a better position to suggest the best treatment direction to be taken.This will start with suggestions to help in the management of the attacks. It might include things such as lifestyle changes, medications and different ways to cope with the symptoms that make it difficult to go through a day.

    Follow Up Visits

    After the initial visit to our clinic, we will schedule another follow up visits and these are aimed at ensuring that your condition is getting better and that there are no complications.

    Are you dealing with migraines or know someone who is affected by headaches or migraines, contact us today for an appointment that will result in better migraine treatment and care.

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