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Are your headaches enabling you from enjoying life?

There are different types of headaches including migraine, cluster, and tension-type.These headache types account for more than 90 percent of headaches experiment by most people who seek treatment from our clinic. In most cases, the headache is not as a result of a series disease. Albeit this is the case, there are some headaches that are caused by other underlying health conditions.This is why it is recommended that you see a professional doctor who has specialized in headaches.

Headache Diagnosis

headacheThe correct diagnosis of your headache will play a major role in the proper treatment of the type of headache you are dealing with.The diagnosis process is not scientific because there is no medical equipment that can detect your headache. Though this is the case, there might be scans and other tests to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions that might be resulting in the headaches.

Since we do not have equipment to identify headaches, the information you will provide our specialists with is important in the diagnosis process. Simply put, what you feel, the intensity of the pain and its location will be the most important information you will be required to provide.You will be required to describe your symptoms for a correct diagnosis. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis and this is why we emphasize on the proper description of the symptoms before any kind of treatment starts.

Some of the important things that you should tell the doctors include but not limited to the type of pain you are feeling – there are different types of headache pains and this will assist in the diagnosis.  The location of the pain in your head – this is because some people will experience the pain on one side of the head, others on both and others in different parts of the head depending on the headache type. The frequency and period of the headaches – some headaches will occur at specific times and others will be triggered by some activities such as noise, stress and light. You will also need to tell the doctor about any symptoms that accompany the headaches such as nausea and vomiting, light and noise sensitivity and any other discomfort that appears when you are having a headache.

Another important thing that you will need to provide information on is the medication you have been using. The type of medication used to treat headaches is important because your treatment might be compromised by whatever you were taking before the diagnosis. This includes the natural remedies and any over the counter medications.

What You Get From Our Clinic

Doctors2Integrated Pain Management is a professional medical clinic geared towards the management of different pains. Headaches and migraines are some of the pains we treat. Our doctors are trained, experienced and licensed to practice and will work with you closely to help you get out of the headache misery that you are currently in.these experts are leaders in the diagnosis, treatment and management of headaches and will use methods that will eliminate the headaches and not affect you in any other way.

Proper Diagnosis

At Integrated Pain Management clinic, we believe in proper treatment through proper diagnosis. To deal with your headache, a comprehensive diagnosis process has to be followed and this is how we manage to treat different types of headaches.The doctors will listen to all the information you give them and use their expertise to suggest the best treatment method and medications to manage the headache.

Effective Headache Treatment

Headaches can greatly interfere with your normal life and prevent you from handling your daily activities. Our clinic exists to help you get back to your normal life through effective headache diagnosis and treatment. We believe that each patient is different and this is why each case is treated according to what the patient is experiencing. Other tests will be conducted to ensure that your headache is not as a result of another disease. Apart from the medications used in the treatment, the doctor may recommend a change in lifestyles to reduce the triggers that might be causing the headaches.

If you have been dealing with headaches, we understand how uncomfortable it can be to go on with your daily activities. You do not have to suffer a day longer. Our expert doctors will take you through the diagnosis and recommend the best treatment and management processes that will eliminate the headaches and give you back your life. Contact us today for effective headache treatment.


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