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Do you suffer from Chronic Neck Pain? Consult a Medical Expert for Your Treatment

Neck pain is the pain experienced anywhere around the neck. This is the region from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the head. The pain can also be experienced in the shoulders, upper part of the back and the arms.This type of pain can greatly limit your head movement and can be very uncomfortable.Neck pain is a common problem that we deal with at Integrated Pain Management clinics and most patients are over 50 years old. Though this is the case, anyone can be affected by neck pain because there are many other different causes that are not related to age.

Integrated Pain Management is dedicated to treating different typesof pains including neck pain. We understand that this pain can inconvenience you and prevent you from handling your daily activities. This is why we recommend that you see our expert doctors for a thorough diagnosis that will lead to effective treatment.

What Causes Neck Pain?

neck_painNeck pain can be as a result of activities that harm your neck, injuries or a medical condition.Activitiesthatmight cause harm to your neck include things such as awkward head positions for long periods, sleeping on the wrong pillow, resting your head on your arm or fist for long periods, working or exercise activities that use the arms and upper body.

Injuries that can lead to neck pain include car accidents, falling, blows to the head or neck and sports injuries. There are different medical conditions thatcan result in neck pain including the medical problems related to age, illnesses such as flu, meningitis and other chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.Other things include infections or tumors in the neck region. There are also cases where the neck pain is a side effect of certain types of medications.

What are The Symptoms of Neck Pain?

Pain in the neck is the main symptom. This pain may spread to the arms, upper part of the back or shoulders.Other symptoms include worsening of pain with movement, tender or stiff neck, and headaches.If the pain is nerve related, the symptoms may include weakness, tingling or numbness feeling in the arm, burning sensation when touched in the hand or arm, shock kind of pain extending to the arm, numbness in the legs and poor control of bladder and bowel movements.

Neck Pain Risk Factors

Older people are at a higher risk of developingneck pain because of the degeneration of joints and discs in the neck area. Whiplash, a common accident injury, is known to cause a lot of neck pain cases. Medical conditions that affect soft tissues and bones around the neck increase the chancesof developing neck pain.Heavy physical work, awkward head positions, drug and substance abuse, lack of exercise, depression, boredomand stress have been found to increase the risk of having neck pain.

When do you Need To Visit Our clinic

Integrated Pain Management is dedicated to providing effective pain treatment including neck pain. If you experience shortness of breath, nausea or severe neck and back pain with movement, you should see our professional doctors immediately.If the neck pain is worsening, you lose bladder and bowel movement control, you have been having persistent neck pains, you have a HIV or cancer history and are currently dealing with increased neck pain or you are experiencing neck pain that is waking you up at night, it is time to see our pain experts.

Neck Pain diagnosis

At Integrated Pain Management clinic, no pain is treated without the proper diagnosis.Our doctors will take you through a physical exam, and evaluate your medical history. You will also be required to provide information relate to the intensity of the pain you are feeling, its location and activities that cause the pain. Other important details include the symptoms that accompany the pain in the neck.

The diagnosis will highly depend on the information you provide in the medical history and the description of the symptoms. The doctor may conduct some tests including blood tests to eliminate the possibility of illnesses and infections. Imaging and scans are also used to determine the cause of the pain especially if tumors and structural problems are suspected.

Effective Neck Pain Treatment

Integrated Pain Management clinics are professional medical clinics operated by doctors who are experts in pain management. Are you looking for the best Neck Pain treatment? If you are, the IPM is the best place to get proper diagnosis that will result in effective neck pain treatment.


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