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Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic manipulation is a system which bases its treatment in the concept that body disharmony causes diseases. In this system, the body is considered to be a combination of functions and the normal functionality of the musculoskeletal system is a key player in good health.

Osteopathic medicine was founded by a medical doctor in Missouri 1800s after the recognized that there was more harm than good caused by modern medicine. For this reason, he focused on the development of a medical care system that promotes the innate ability of the body to heal itself and referred to this system as medicine osteopathy, which is now known as osteopathic medicine.

The system holds that everyone is a complete system made up of the body parts, mind and spirit. This means that the treatment holds that for the body to be in perfect health, all these parts need to be in perfect balance. Their interdependency will render each susceptible to imperfections in the others. In simple terms osteopathic medicine aims at treating the person as a whole as opposed to just the affected area or addressing the bodily symptoms only.

This treatment method focuses on preventive health and puts heavy trust on the knowledge of the human body and the understanding of different aspects that contribute to the body having the ability to heal itself. The role played by the physician in osteopathic medicine is to identify and eliminate any blockages that might be causing ailments and allow the body to heal itself in a natural manner. The physician will use any and accepted medical means to remove the blockages and this may include surgical procedures, musculoskeletal manipulation, medication, preventive educational and physical therapy.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment, abbreviated as OMT, is a health care process where the physician uses their hands in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries. The physician will move joints, muscles in a gentle technique that involves stretching and resistance. Osteopathic manipulation is of a substitute for any other medical practices, surgical procedures or prescription.  However, the effectiveness of this method is understood by the medical community and is used as a complementary therapy.

The benefits of osteopathic medicine is that it eliminates the underlying cause of pain, eliminates chronic pain through non-invasive methods, helps the body in adapting to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy and encourages the body to heal itself through natural means.

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