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We are excited to now offer a treatment that eliminates the actual cause of some back pain, producing an instant and notable reduction in pain. This treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure called Percutaneous Fusion.

This facet fusion procedure is offered when conservative treatments have fasiled and uses a technique developed by TruFUSE. In a traditional fusion precedure pedicle screws are placed into the vertebrae and connected with metal rods. With TruFUSE, an allograft (donated cortical bone derived from both the femur and tibia) dowel is inserted into a track which is created in the facet joint. Because this allograft is a biomaterial, it acts as a bone graft to ensure stability in healing healing and fusion.

To learn more about the TruFUSE percutaneous fusion technique that we are excited about for all the benefits it provides the patient, visit their website.

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