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Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Dispute Cases


IMPORTANT:  In the case of personal injury, please report it to authorities asap.

It is helpful if you retain Legal counsel first.

Dr. Xia sees many cases involving worker’s compensation and personal injury disputes. It is imperative that all parties understand that Dr. Xia stands on the shoulder of truth.

At Integrated Pain Management, we have a combined over 100 years of experience to help patients deal with this.  This start with proper and accurate documentation of injury, timely therapy and judicious intervention to return patient back to life.

We have a network of healthcare facility and highly qualified surgeon to help patients if necessary.

The main goal of Integrated Pain Management is to thoroughly and appropriately heal the patient in a manner that is effective with regards to both cost and time, returning the patient to his/her normal life as quickly as possible. Dr. Xia will not send a patient back to work before s/he is truly ready, and he will likewise not limit a patient’s activities which no longer need limitation.

Expert Witness Case Reviews

Dr. Tian Xia has over 10 years of history and ongoing responsibility serving as Independent Medical Examiner for Insurance company.

If you would like Dr. Xia to review your case as an expert witness, please contact us. Keep in mind that without deviation from the truth, Dr. Xia will provide a thorough and expert review of the case in question.

Patient Forms

If you plan to see Dr. Xia for an injury that is a worker’s compensation issue or a personal injusy dispute issue, you may download and print the appropriate form and bring it to your visit.
We will have the forms in the office for you, if you are not able to print them out.

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